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Bet Alchemist is a tipster service which is now approaching its 5th year in business.


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And the reason is Nicky Doyle, who is known as something of a genius in tipster circles.


Nicky combines insider knowledge and experience, together with advanced analytical skills into a system which produces almost breathe-taking results. In fact, according to one subscriber, his average profit was 15.54{de42155ea4df8a86c208900e356894cf80f6e3847f5aaa5178c3f2c6a18ba06f}


(And the overall profit for members is now a whopping 25.88{de42155ea4df8a86c208900e356894cf80f6e3847f5aaa5178c3f2c6a18ba06f})


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And because his picks are so accurate, he’s been inducted into the secret betting club hall of fame. This accolade is reserved for only the very best tipster in the business, and takes TWELVE straight months of profit.


With Nicky’s advice you can also add thousands of pounds to your bank account.


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This isn’t for people who are out to make a quick buck.


You see, Nicky does something called, “Value betting.” This means his system is profitable OVERALL. Yes, there will be losses, but if you stick with Nicky, and bet for the duration of the NH season you’re guaranteed to come out ahead.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t.


Remember, Nicky is known for providing some of the best tips in the business.


He constantly has his ear to the ground and spends countless hours watching race replays and analysing them. In addition to this he analyses dozens of other statistics like handicap ratings, ground conditions, the horses age, jockey’s weight, the weather and much, much more.


His system is scientific and that’s why he wins so often.


And funnily enough, before he started betting he was a computer programmer, which is why he’s able to perform this rigid analysis. More surprising is the fact that he was able to turn a measly 50 pounds into 7000 in just 10 months.


Yes, he puts his own money on the line unlike most tipsters who don’t even bet.


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